April is National Garden Month and nothing says springtime more than the sprouts and shoots of a garden.  Gardens are not just an oasis for people.  They are critical habitats for pollinators like bees, bats, birds, beetles, butterflies, and other animals. And whether you want to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, houseplants, or anything in between, National Garden Month celebrates a satisfying pastime that you can enjoy throughout the seasons.

As many gardeners know, the benefits of gardening come from more than the produce and flowers.

  • A busy day in the garden can be a good form of exercise.
  • Gardeners are more likely to include vegetables and fruits as part of healthy, well-balanced diets.
  • Getting outdoors is good for your physical and mental health.
  • People tend to breathe deeper when outside.
  • Gardening has been shown to lighten mood and lower levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Gardening brings people together and strengthens social connections. 

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